Alexia Viola Napa Valley

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry


PO Box 225, Calistoga, CA 94515, USA


38.578292, -122.577814

Alexia Viola Napa Valley is a handmade, artisan jewelry brand based in Napa Valley, California and founded by Alexia Dahmes in 2015. Our designs pay homage to the wine country lifestyle by infusing each piece with a vibe we call, ‘Rustic Luxe’. Rustic Luxe is the balance between luxury and everyday wearability. It’s about surrounding yourself with beauty in a way that feels natural. It’s about pairing elements that might seem contrary until you look closely; and until you reach out your hand and actually touch it, which you must do because Rustic Luxe revels in the tactile and the approachable. Handmade in Napa Valley with gemstones, leather and signature metal elements and sold across the U.S. in jewelry stores, museums, and high-end apparel and gift boutiques.


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