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Dragonfly Fragrances is a luxury fragrance company based in Dallas, TX. We create luxurious candles using our own premium wax and mixing it with fine fragrance oils.

Our beautiful glass candle vessels are sourced from around the world and are distinctly recognized by our signature gold dragonfly which adorns each of our candles.

It’s not only our unique candle vessels that set us apart but also our mission of repurposing. We understand the importance of not only creating products that look and smell amazing, but that most importantly, are able to be upcycled. Whether they get used as lovely jars to hold make-up brushes, a unique planter, or just a decorative piece in your home, the idea of two gifts in one makes our candles stand out above the rest.

Many of our items are limited editions, creating unique opportunities for our customers to have one-of-a-kind pieces in their homes.

Dragonfly Fragrances are sold in specialty boutiques worldwide. For more information please visit http://www.dragonflyfragrances.com


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