Mackenzie Jones Designs

Handmade Mountain Inspired Jewelry


PO Box 45037 Brentwood, Calgary, AB T2L 1Y4, Canada


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We make memories out of metal, capturing a place and moment in time. We strive to create that feeling of belonging, containing within our jewelry precious memories of time spent in the mountains, with a special someone at a specific moment, that can be worn and carried with you always. Our inspiration comes from the natural world around us, combining symbolism and meaning, every piece is a representation of home.

Home of the Mountain ring and a collection of over 50 mountain range necklaces, each crafted by hand, in our cozy little studio located in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, by our small team. Handmade is not just how we create our work; it is a community, a lifestyle and the core value of our brand. We believe that how it is made matters. We strive to support this belief in every facet of our company, from who we align ourselves with in business and who we support online, to where we source our materials. At every step along the way our goal is to support and build an authentic handmade community. That is why we are different; we are not just a jewellery company, we are a group of empowered women pushing for a bigger, brighter and more inclusive handmade community.


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