Wholesaler FAQ

How do you get this directory in front of retailers?

As a long standing partner with Shopify, we’ve built up a large group of retailers that use our apps to help their businesses. We also work with other partners to leverage their communities as well. We will regularly broadcast the directory to our retailers as well as leverage SEO to get organic visits up on the directory.

What do I need to provide for a listing?

We ask a mix of contact info, copy and visual assets. You can see a complete guide here!

What categories are included in the directory?

A full list of categories and sub-categories is available here.

Who is eligible to be listed in the directory?

Businesses that have wholesale programs. This means you offer special discounted pricing for businesses who are going to buy in larger quantities than a retail customer would. The specifics of a wholesale program will vary but they may include things like wholesale accounts, order minimums, and net terms.

Is there anything I can’t include in our listing?

Listings will help retailers find you but they will link to your own website to see your specific products and wholesale program. With that in mind, we do ask that you do not advertise specific types of products as a part of our Terms of Service. This allows us to make sure we can advertise as widely as possible. Read more on our restrictions here.

What are the differences between listing plans?

Lite: lists your business in one category.

Pro: lists your business in up to five categories.

Plus: lists your business in up to five categories, and features your listing, which will bump it to the top of the relevant categories and get your listing on the homepage from time to time!

Learn more about our plans here.

If I move to another listing plan, is it prorated?

Yes! This will cover both moving to a higher or lower plan. If you are bumping up, you will be charged the difference when you select the new plan. If you are bumping down, you will see a delay in your next payment.

What happens if my subscription payment fails?

We’ll automatically try again and reach out if there are continued issues processing payment.

The subscription prices are suspiciously low.

That’s not a question, but let us explain! The whole point here is to create a robust directory that provides a ton of value for both wholesalers and retailers. To make that happen, we want a low barrier to entry! That’s why the fees for wholesalers are low, and there are no fees at all for retailers.